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The Vuthela iLembe LED Support Programme responds directly to the urgent need to address unemployment, poverty and inequality by accelerating inclusive local economic development and growth in line with the National Development Plan, the KZN Provincial Growth and Development Plan, iLembe District Municipality Growth and Development Plan as well as the Integrated Development Plans of the family of local municipalities in the district The overarching objective and expected impact of the programme is to contribute to the improvement of the economic future of the iLembe District and the quality of life of its residents, through sustainable growth of the local economy, and the creation of higher, better and more inclusive employment and income-generating opportunities. The Vuthela iLembe LED Support Programme is a joint initiative of the: State Secretariat of Economic Affairs of the Swiss ConfederationKwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental AffairsiLembe District Municipality, KwaDukuza and Mandeni Local Municipalities The programme involves the participation of Ndwedwe and Maphumulo Local Municipalities.