Programme Management & Skills Transfer


The operational side of the programme is the responsibility of the Project Coordinating Unit which consists of a Programme Manager, Key Experts or Technical Coordinators in respect of each Component of the programme. In addition, there is a procurement officer and an Administrator.

In order to facilitate the transfer of skills to municipality officials, Working Groups have been established in respect of all Components of the programme. Relevant officials work closely with Technical Coordinators in the planning and execution of activities. The CFO Forum is the PMF (Public Municipal Finance) Working Group. The Infrastructure Sub-Committee of the MM Technical Forum is the Working Group for the MI Component (Municipal Infrastructure Component). A LED Working Group has been established which covers the work for the Private Sector Development, Building Inclusive Growth and Partnerships and Cooperation components.

The PCU meets with the PMT on a monthly basis to discuss progress and to deal with challenges. The Project Steering Committee is the apex oversight structure and it performs its functions in terms of the approved Programme Terms of Reference which were adopted on 20 October 2017.

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We are grateful to the Swiss government for supporting a programme which speaks directly to our radical economic transformation efforts. This is an initiative that will guarantee the building of essential infrastructure that is crucial for industrialisation and new business opportunities.

Mr Sihle Zikalala
MEC for Economic Development in the Province,