What is Enterprise iLembe?

Enterprise iLembe is the Economic Development Agency for the iLembe District Municipality responsible for trade and investment promotions and local economic development in the region. The vision of Enterprise iLembe is to enable e iLembe district to be the destination of choice for investment, business and tourism.

What is the connection/relationship between Enterprise iLembe and Vuthela iLembe LED Programme?

The iLembe District Municipality, which is one of the three participating/beneficiary municipalities in the programme, is the sole shareholder of Enterprise iLembe. Enterprise iLembe is also a direct beneficiary of programme support through the Partnerships and Coordination component wherein most of the activities are aimed at supporting the entity. 

What have been milestones, highlights and impacts thus far of the programme? What are the positive outcomes?

The involvement of Enterprise iLembe in the programme has yielded some positive outcomes which include:

  • The preparation and adoption of the Five-year Strategy;
  • Initiating of the Human Resource Review and Performance Management Project;
  • Assisting The Vuthela Programme in preparing the Economic Recovery Strategy;
  • An economic impact assessment of the July 2021 unrest has been conducted; and
  • The Vuthela iLembe Programme Manager has facilitated a number of management strategic planning sessions.

What is the Vuthela Enterprise iLembe Change Management Process all about?

This process encompassed firstly, an institutional assessment of Enterprise iLembe to determine the capacity of the entity to achieve its mandate, and secondly, the Five-year Strategy was developed as a cohesive blueprint for implementation and sustainability of the entity. The final component was the change management framework which included an implementation plan for the strategy as well as a process for stakeholder buy-in. The two key projects that emanated from the change management process are the Human Resource Review and Performance Management, and the Project Management and Project Finance. 

Please elaborate on the Five-year Strategy and Change Management Framework, Human Resource Management and Performance Management Project, the forthcoming Project Management and Project Finance, and the role of these initiatives in terms of Enterprise iLembe’s vision to position itself as the leading economic agency in the district going forward.

The Huan Resource Management and Performance Management Project aim to produce an organisational structure that aligns to the strategic model as developed in the Five-year Strategy. For instance, the historical outlook and human resources of the entity have been biased towards the agriculture and tourism sectors. Through this project, we intend to build capacity in all the key economic sectors of the district economy viz. agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and property development and construction. The project also aims to develop a performance management system that can be cascaded to all employees – currently, the Performance Management System is confined to management.  This will have the ultimate outcome of improving productivity.

The Project Management and Project Finance due to commence soon will, among others, develop a tool for identifying and assessing new projects for the entity and a system for project management. This will also include financial management capacity building and acquiring a project finance system that can be incorporated into the entity’s current financial management systems.

How will the Vuthela Programme assist iLembe Economic Development Agency to fulfil its mandate to promote investment for the manufacturing of goods and production of services to boost beneficiation, investment, economic growth and the development of skills and employment; tourism etc?

The Five-year Strategy that has been developed through the Vuthela Programme presents a key starting point as it provides a more focused approach for the entity. The change management projects, once completed, will bolster institutional capacity for the fulfilment of the mandate.